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KE Wood Shaving

Wood Shaving Introduction
Wood Shaving Planers
Rotary Dryers
Rotary Separators
Sawdust Burners

KE Recycling Plant

Recycling introduction
Baler Feed Conveyors
Sorting Systems

KE Freezing Plant

Freezing plant introduction
Spiral Freezers
Inline Freezers
Carton Freezers
Rotary Freezers
Fluid Freezers

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Recycling Equipment

KE Systems manufacture a wide range of recycling plant and machinery designed to suit particular recycling applications.

Industrial Shredders

Our Industrial Shredders use controrotating cutters designed to shred metal cans and drums, paper, cardboard and plastic.
The shredders are produced in the range using drive powers from 25 to 55 k W. They are inverter controlled which senses power and reverses the cutters if they are overloaded.

Industrial Shredders

A datasheet and brochure for the above Industrial Shredder can be downloaded HERE.

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